Secret pancake recipe

Honestly, this recipe is a little treasure and I’m not lying if I say these are some of the best pancakes I ever ate. They can easily keep up with those hyped New York spots where you supposedly get the best pancakes in town.

Discovering Lake Como – Bellagio & Varenna

Italy is always worth a trip. And if you are as much into mountains and water as I am you definitely should visit lake Como. To avoid the crowds, we decided to go in October. Not the best choice if you want to go swimming or sunbathing but you can enjoy all nice spots without having to queue for ages.

Chasing Ghosts in Key West

We checked in our little boutique hotel in the middle of Key West. We had a room basically right at the street. That sounds weird but it actually was a nice one as the city is so relaxed and we had a little veranda perfectly suited for a drink and a cigar in the evening.

Breakfast Inspiration

If you don’t want to leave the house in search for a great spot it somehow requires some thoughts and preparation. So here are some of my current favourite breakfast dishes.

Iceland Roadtrip Part 2 – The Golden Circle

After our short stay in Reykjavík, we left our hotel in the early morning around 8 am but it felt like the middle of the night. There had been a storm and clouds were hanging arounf everywhere. But as we knew we had quite a ride in front of us we wanted to make sure to spend the sunrise at a nice spot (which I guess is everywhere in Iceland).

Iceland Roadtrip Part 1 – Reykjavík

Iceland has always been a country on my secret bucket list but yet when it came about planning a much needed holiday, there have always been destinations that won the pitch. So the little vulcanic island at the edge of Europe remained undiscovered – until that day in September…